How to Engage IIS

As IIS continues to attract new clients, we are very focused on our ability to continue to deliver "the IIS Experience" to everyone. In order to maintain our high standard of service, we have been forced to become even more selective about what types of firms fit our model and which types do not.

Levels of Engagement

Before IIS makes the decision to take on a new CPA Firm as a client, we first have a series of exploratory meetings . This interview process protects all parties and ensures a successful integration.

If we both agree further discussions are warranted, we proceed to an expectations meeting where we talk about the three levels of engagement.


Accountant Sales and coaching

Accountant sales and coaching focuses on implementing a standard process for doing proactive business advisory work for your best clients. The process begins with our proprietary Biz Diagnostic, continues on to a Vision Workshop, and transitions to value-added ongoing meetings to drive accountability in the business owner’s management team.


Wealth Planning Coaching

Wealth planning coaching focuses on giving you new sources of revenue for your clients who want to deal with one primary advisor.


Mastermind Advanced Planning

Mastermind advanced planning allows you to practice advanced tax planning strategies for your business owner clients who are demanding a higher level of value-added service.