How to Engage IIC

As IIC continues to attract new clients, we are very focused on our ability to continue to deliver "the IIC Experience" to everyone. In order to maintain our high standard of service, we have been forced to become even more selective about what types of firms fit our model and which types do not.

Anatomy of an Integrated Model

Before IIC makes the decision to take on a new CPA Firm or Law Firm as a client, we first have a series of exploratory meetings that are described in the first few steps of 'Anatomy of an Integrated Model'. This interview process protects all parties and ensures a successful integration.

Anatomy of a Case

To deliver the "IIC Experience" to the clients of our clients', we use a proprietary process called 'The Anatomy of a Case'. This process was designed and has been optimized with the goal of delivering a world class experience to the most important clients of the CPAs and Attorneys that are part of the IIC team.

This attention to detail ensures that your very best clients will be bragging about you (telling your story) at the country clubs and dinner parties, where 'organic growth' usually takes place.