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IIS Mission

Our mission is to empower leading CPA firms to become irreplaceable in the eyes of their most important clients. The IIS Experience enables our clients to deliver maximum value to their most important client relationships in order to dominate their marketplace and ultimately create organic growth for their practice.

The Open Platform

IIS operates on top of a proprietary platform that has revolutionized professional collaboration and the process of identifying as well as delivering optimal solutions to affluent end-user clients. This platform enables leading CPAs, Attorneys, Bankers, Financial Advisors, and Solution Providers to collaborate efficiently and effectively behind the scenes in order to deliver the very best answers to the affluent clients they serve. This is an open platform where the independent solution providers and specialists are reviewed on a quarterly basis by IIS to ensure that they are the best in the country in their specific specialty. Our commitment is to provide access to the very best team in the country, and that means we continually evaluate the best options for our clients.

The IIS Team-Based Model

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As the U.S. tax code continues to grow in complexity (it is now well beyond 80,000 pages and counting), the trusted Tax Professionals' need for a world-class team that specializes in various aspects of the code becomes more of a necessity than an option. Acting as an extended brain-trust for the top CPA Firms throughout the country, IIS has built and refined a team of America's very best and most forward-thinking income & estate tax specialist and financial solution providers. This team includes: Actuaries, Third Party Administrators, Plan Design Specialists, Solution Providers, Medical Underwriters, ERISA Attorneys, and other CPAs, among many others.

As affluent business owners and high net worth families demand more from their trusted advisors, IIS empowers these advisors by supercharging their existing business models, enabling them to deliver a world class experience (the IIS Experience) to their most important clients without the risk of a 3rd party referral.